Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HeimannHills Assists Unilever to Advance with Strategy Inculcation

This past Spring, in the fast-paced alpha city of Singapore, HeimannHills served as a partner for the International Association of Business Communicators in aligning internal communication employees at Unilever in the Asia, Africa, Middle East and Thailand region. Employees came from 8 countries – Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, UAE and Singapore – to become inculcated with Unilever’s business strategy, corporate policies, standards and culture and to bring all up to an externally recognized global standard of strategic communication and ability, the Accredited Business Communicator.

The development and accreditation program was accomplished through a series of workshops and virtual training modules through the course of 10 months that culminated in the final week-long development and credential exam administration in Singapore. Media training, ethics, corporate social responsibility and integrated marketing communication were just a few of the skill sessions. Leadership development and planning workshops resulted in each employee developing a go-forward plan for their country office.

Early measurement and results indicate a unified, synergistic approach that has benefited Unilever as a multi-national company and enhanced employee performance multi-fold. Imagine the increased value Unilever will realize as this inculcation really delivers alignment with plan implementation?