Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bringing the Global Standard into Your Practice

(Blog 3 in a series of 3 on the Global Standard of the Communication Profession)
Mary Hills, ABC, Six Sigma
16 March 2015

The refreshed Global Standard was the first deliverable from the Career Roadmap Committee (CRM) that had been instituted from the IABC Life-long Learning Summit held in October, 2011.  Qualitative research began immediately to identify “core themes /concepts” found in the practice of communication.  In May, 2012, an external research house surveyed IABC members via a full membership survey to establish the importance and usage of the themes in professional practice.  The survey findings, valid and reliable, resulted in the Career Purpose and six Principles of the Global Standard.  Some have viewed the work done by the CRM to be the most significant work done by IABC since the excellence work it did in the 90’s.  Similar to the Excellence Study, the CRM’s impact and relevance to the communication professional and their daily work continues to morph.

So, where do we see the Global Standard in the everyday?  Let’s take a look at four communication professionals on different career paths to see the Global Standard in action.

As Emma, Wei, Samuel and Ivana have shown, using the Global Standard daily in our communication practice can guide us in mediating organizational challenges and give us a reason for acting. How do you see the Global standard impacting you and your work?
Blog 1 & 2 - The Global Standard Grows UP!  and Body of Knowledge, Terms and the Global Standard can be read here.

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